Our champagne house always takes the time...

Every day after the harvest, we strive to make wines that reflect our character, using the only three grape varieties traditionally used in Champagne, defined by the “controlled appellation of origin “, from grapes grown on our own plots.

In the same way that we take the time to look after the vines and press the grapes to obtain optimum juice, we take the time to ensure that everything we do gives rise to quality cuvées that are as exclusive as they are appreciated.

The “time” available to our champagnes is an essential component in the development of their aromatic complexity. We still take the time to allow our wines to mature in the cool half-light of our cellars, dug deep into the chalk by Maurice Lepitre in 1905. These chalk pits are a natural showcase for the maturation of our wines.

Taking the time to ensure quality is our main concern.


It was in 1905, during the “Belle Epoque”, a period in French history characterised by progress and carefree living, that Maurice Lepitre, a young winegrower, decided to found his own champagne house. In the heart of the Champagne vineyards, he was one of the pioneers who succeeded in producing this marvellous nectar, a symbol of happiness and bliss… 

Subsequently, several generations of women passed on the family tradition of our human-scale champagne house, always with the quest for the very best in mind. Hélène took over from Maurice, Marguerite succeeded her and then Corine.

This champagne reflects years of expertise and passion for the vines, our terroir and the making of Champagne wines. We are working to preserve and develop our heritage, which we will pass on to future generations in the best possible way. Our vines are all located on Premier Cru terroir at the foot of the Montagne de Reims, in Rilly -la -Montagne, on land that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It’s thanks to our land of excellence, a natural setting for producing champagne, and to the ancestral know-how of our house, that we are proud to invite you on a journey.

 A sensory journey through a range of pleasures that will awaken all your senses. To pay tribute to the dedication of these three deserving women, I have decided to take over the running of the family estate with my own sensibility and philosophy, while remaining uncompromising about the quality of our wines.


I am committed to protecting the biodiversity of the Champagne region and its own ecosystem. Respect for flora and fauna is an absolute necessity in our practices. We have planted hedges along the edges of certain plots to increase the diversity of wildlife and enhance the resilience of the biotope of the plot, which is essential for maintaining the evolutionary processes of the living world. For the last 15 years, we have been voluntarily committed to this philosophy and we maintain our plots in a sustainable way, without using insecticides. We have obtained environmental certification:

“High Environmental Value Level 3” and “Sustainable Winegrowing in Champagne”.


Welcome to champagne lovers, gourmets, the curious and the adventurous...

For each of us, champagne evokes different worlds. For some, it’s a wine of the heart, generous and smooth, a wine of love. For others, it evokes a lively, light spirit, elegance and happiness. It embodies the simplicity of friendship and shared pleasures. Finally, for others still, champagne speaks to the soul and invites us to share the absolute and the sublime. 

But wherever your imagination takes you, with every sip of our cuvées you’ll find the smell of chalk, the scent of vine flowers under the first rays of June sunshine, and the subterranean aromas of our cellars, where the wine is slowly cradled by time… Let your instincts and your nose embrace this divine wine before you taste it.

Starting with the unique monoterroir of Rilly-la-Montagne, it was essential for me to reveal the personality of each of these cuvées.

Each “Extra Brut” cuvée is authentic, unique and has its own identity and characteristics.

The choice of an “extra brut” dosage (between 4 and 6g/L of sugar) allows these cuvées to express all their character with intensity and purity. Each will reveal its respective aromas with linearity, energy and precision when tasted, particularly as an aperitif when the palate is still clean.

All your senses will be awakened. It’s an invitation to experience the joys of tasting: dare to taste these treasures of flavour, share them and enjoy!

Cuvée ALBA

The emblematic cuvée of our house, this Blanc de Blancs embodies purity and elegance, with a freshness that lingers on the palate. “Alba” is made exclusively from our own Chardonnay vines.

This is a very subtle champagne, perfect for accompanying prestigious dishes, where it will prove to be exquisitely refined!

100% Chardonnay – Extra brut 4g/L


The intense, flamboyant colour of this rosé is due to the secret of its production: a perfect balance of tones and flavours, created by blending our own Pinots Noirs and Meuniers with a small proportion of still red wine from Champagne.

The ultimate indulgence!

40% Pinot Noir, 40% Meunier, 20% “controlled appellation of origin “Champagne red wine.
Extra brut 5g/L


A tribute to our “ancient” sea, this pearl of flavour is a perfect blend of the 3 great Champagne grape varieties from our own unique Rilly-la-Montagne terroir. Pleasantly fruity, expressive and warm.

Its fine bubbles generate a vibrancy typical of the finest crus, making this a wine of great finesse.

60% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir and 20% Meuniers
Extra brut 5g/L

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28, rue de Reims
51500 Rilly-la-Montagne

+33 (0) 6 19 07 14 72

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It all began in 1905… Three generations of women winemakers, each with their own sensibility.

To pay tribute to them, and thanks to the passing on of their ancestral know-how, I am revealing you my three cuvées, all measured in “Extra Brut”, each with their own characteristics, and all from the Premier Cru terroir of Rilly-la-Montagne. 

Adeline, fourth generation winemaker.